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Every business needs and wants SEO, but not every company knows how to go about it. At Click Typhoon, we have you covered. As a professional and leading Brampton SEO agency, we specialize in providing top-tier Brampton SEO Services. If you have been struggling to grow your business and generate leads, our team of experts will develop an SEO strategy that is unique to your local business in Brampton. No matter what industry you are in or what you sell, we can help. With that being said, let’s get you ranked to the top.

Brampton SEO

Our Benefits

How can your Business Benefit from Brampton SEO?

Working with us, you will get to reap the benefits of receiving a 100% hands-free solution. We work in an encompassing way to optimize every part of your Brampton SEO campaign. This includes increasing your website’s conversion rate, minimizing bounce rates, and increasing your monthly search traffic by getting you to the first page for your desired keyword(s). 

Imagine if, over the next 12-months, we were able to get you ranking on the first page for your desired industry keywords. Here are just a few of the many benefits your business could be enjoying:

Benefits of SEO

Increased Monthly Traffic and Profits

Let's face it, how often do you go on the 2nd page of Google when you search something up? Chances are barely to never. As a result, it is crucial to position your business on the first page for the right keywords. Given that nearly 70-90% of clicks go to the top 10 results shows the potential monthly traffic you could be getting specifically towards your product and service pages. With being on the first page comes increased monthly inbound leads, a reasonable conversion rate, new customers, and increased monthly profits. 

Increased Brand Loyalty and Dominance in Your Local Market

Another benefit of being on the first page of Google for your desired keywords is that it acts as a status symbol for your brand. The reality is Google does not give the first page to any business unless they prove that they are reliable and provide value to the people they are serving. By working with us, we focus on a content creation strategy that is hyper optimized to build trust with Google over time. The result? A localized marketing and Brampton SEO plan that completely crushes the competition.

Benefits of SEO

OUR SEO Process

Our Brampton SEO Service Process

Now that you know about the benefits SEO can have for your Brampton based business, allow us to share our workflow for how we plan on getting you ranked to the top.

Step 1: Initial Discovery Call

The first step we take at Click Typhoon is taking the time to go on a 15-minute call with your business to understand your pain points. We want to take the time to understand what you have tried in the past and dissect your business to see if we are a good fit. At Click Typhoon, we are passionate about helping our clients, and we only take on clients that we are 100% confident we can help. 

Step 2: Customized Proposal

If we find that we are a good fit and can help your business, we then move on to the next step of coming up with a proposal and step by step plan that is unique to your business. On our proposal call, we will talk about strategy to give you a clear picture of how exactly we will help your business improve your SEO. We will take a look at all aspects of your business and come up with a plan that accounts for on-page/off-page SEO, technical SEO, as well as content marketing. All of these SEO aspects will be geared towards helping you rank to the top search results and capture more monthly traffic for your desired keywords.

Step 3: SEO Audit and Keyword Research Campaign

After the proposal, we take our plan and focus on executing it immediately. We start with conducting a comprehensive SEO audit that focuses on solving the on-page, off-page, technical and general SEO problems on your site. More often than not, we can dramatically boost our clients' rankings just by fixing existing problems on their website. Next, we focus on finalizing a list of keywords that we will concentrate our SEO efforts on for the next 12-months. We take the time to handpick keywords that provide reliable monthly traffic and compete in terms we can easily rank your Mississauga based business for. At the end of the day, we are firm believers in working smarter to get you the most effective results possible. 

Step 4: On-Page SEO

Once we finalize your keyword campaign, we get to work drafting and creating web pages specifically targeting your keywords. We utilize on-page SEO to ensure that we put your desired keyword in the right parts of your webpage code to ensure that Google can read and understand your content. We focus on optimizing your URL, SEO Page Titles, header tags, meta descriptions and readability score for all of your newly developed webpage content that we write in-house. We also focus on creating monthly content for your website (blogging) to help boost your businesses authority in your respective industry and help you earn additional traffic to your site.


Step 5: Off-Page SEO

After writing your content and creating newly optimized web pages for your site, we then focus on building backlinks to your pages. With our services, not only do we build links to pages you are looking to rank, but we also prioritize building links that will improve your website's overall domain authority in the eyes of Google. We also take the time to diversify your backlink profile through a combination of guest-posting, directory listings, government sites, forums, resource pages, niche edits and much more. All of our link-building services prioritize white-hat SEO and are focused on establishing trust with Google. We also focus on securing backlinks from relevant websites to your industry to maximize the power of each backlink we build for your business. 

Step 6: Analytics and Reporting

Lastly, at the end of every month you work with us, you will receive a monthly report containing all of the SEO activity done for your site. We utilize google analytics, google search console and many other tools to update you on your ranking changes, backlinks built, and insights into the next steps to ensure your SEO campaign is successful. When working with us, you will find yourself very comfortable and find us very open to answering your questions throughout the campaign. We also pre-record videos to help you interpret your monthly reports so that you can be fully aware of the status of your SEO campaign. 

Why Choose Click Typhoon

Why Select Click Typhoon as your Brampton SEO Agency of Choice?

At Click Typhoon we pride ourselves on being a top-tier Brampton SEO Company. We are ROI-focused, and we prioritize making data-driven decisions to facilitate success online. We care about all of our Brampton SEO clients and work alongside you every step of the way until you are crushing it in the market. If you are interested in getting started with us, book a discovery call today, and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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SEO Relate Problem

What Brampton SEO related problems do we Address?

We address a multitude of challenges and SEO problems your Brampton-based business may be facing. Among these include:

At Click Typhoon, we are passionate about serving businesses and being a part of their growth. We find pleasure in working alongside our Brampton SEO clients, and we enjoy providing value to businesses, watching them succeed. Working with us, you get to experience the following benefits:

Leverage the Knowledge of SEO Experts

At Click Typhoon, we live and breathe SEO and digital marketing; it's literally what we were surrounded with growing up in school. We know the ins and outs of how these platforms work and only want to do justice to you by providing you both the SEO services your business needs and deserves. Working with us, we will be there every step to answer your questions and provide video interpretations of monthly reports and audits. We will remain accessible to you 24/7 via phone and email.

Save Time and Money

Let's face the facts, mistakes are a part of life, but small mistakes can cause significant problems from a time and money perspective when it comes to SEO. Stop wasting your time and money with freelancers who are offering "cheap SEO." The reality is "cheap SEO" in the short term is expensive SEO in the long term. With Google constantly making updates to its algorithm, it's crucial to stay up to date with SEO changes to avoid violating Google's guidelines and causing further issues for your business down the line. Working with us, we do all of the research to ensure that all of our practices are acceptable by Google's standards. That way, you don't have to worry, and we can keep doing what we do best.

As a premier Brampton SEO agency, we are ROI-focused, and we prioritize making data-driven decisions to facilitate success online. We care about all of our clients and work alongside you every step of the way until you are crushing it in the market. If you are interested in getting started with us, book a discovery call today, and we would be more than happy to assist you.


Frequently Asked Questions

100% it will. As mentioned previously, SEO has become a syndicated part of the sales process for any business. No matter if you are a B2C or B2B company, all companies can benefit from SEO. On our discovery call, we will take the time to analyze your business to develop a custom plan towards helping you use SEO to succeed in your respective industry.

At Click Typhoon, although we specialize in optimizing WordPress websites, we work with any site regardless of how it was built. Fortunately, the fundamentals of SEO always remain the same regardless of what your website is built with. In the event that we cannot edit the backend of your content for any reason, we will still provide all of the exact meta descriptions, page titles, and content that you can copy and paste word for word onto your site. As a leading SEO agency, we are flexible with our solutions and will be able to help you.

At Click Typhoon, we see SEO the same way as a relationship. It takes time to build a relationship in real life, and likewise, with SEO, we are building a relationship between your site and Google. Over time as your website continues to be optimized, Google builds trust and rewards you with higher rankings in the search engine. That being said, we often recommend a 12-month commitment to see optimal results. However, this is not a definitive metric, depending on your site, and industry results may vary, and some sites can see improvement in a few months. It’s important to make your SEO efforts look subtle as Google naturally takes time to index your pages, backlinks and newly developed content. However, the reality is that good SEO is slow SEO, but the sooner you start, the sooner you can reap the benefits. 

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