Living in the current time and running a business goes without saying that you need to have an online presence. Having that is not enough when the next thing is getting more consumers through online searches. If you are also looking to find more customers through your website and Google search results, hair salon SEO must be very keen. 

SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimization that all online businesses are aware of now, and they know it is a crucial element of online success. We will get you clear on why it is needed and how it helps you flourish your business online. 

If people cannot find your site organically or have seen that your ranking is dropping, then it is high time you start applying some cutting-edge search engine optimization tactics and boosting your visibility. 

What is Hair Salon SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of tactics and strategies that let search crawlers from different sites such as Bing, Google, and others locate your content and add you to the search engine results pages. And based on the effectiveness of your SEO strategy and how effectively you have implemented technical SEO strategies, your content will appear higher or lower in the results. 

And to carry this out properly, you will have to implement the on-page and off-page SEO along with the technical SEO elements. Once you know the difference between these two methods, you will carte a stronger SEO implementation strategy, delegate the tasks to perfect team members, and regularly maintain it. 

What Is Something That Will Influence Your Hair Salon SEO?

As you understand, getting over the top of Google is made up of so many things, and many of them can easily be divided into three big groups what to do to your website of yours, how your website is linked with others and your social factors. 

If having your salon ranked on the first pages of Google is a complete recipe, there are many ingredients for success. you have to make sure your Hair Salon SEO has the following items check marked on it:

1. Link signals:

The most important factor is where your salon website is linked to online. The higher quality and relevant websites you link to, the better. 

2. On-page signals:

Almost as important as the website itself. The content you put over your website is important for Google always to understand if your business is relevant and important. 

3. Behavioral signals:

When people see your business over Google, are they wholly likely to call, click or visit? Google always keeps track of these things and then ranks your higher if you have more behavioral signals like this. 

4. Personalization:

Google also knows which websites a searcher has seen in its past and prefers to show the search results completely relevant to the person. Not all search results look the same, hence the personalization. 

5. Citation signals:

Your Hair Salon SEO is complete when your website is referenced by others, such as other directories with your address, correct name, and phone number. Having many correct citations will help here. 

6. My business signals:

This ranking factor is very much about your Google My Business listing. Are you present in the right category, close by, and using the right keywords?

7. Review signals:

The reviews that your salon gets on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and many others make a difference in your ranking as well. 

8. Social signals:

Although the very least impactful, the amount of interaction and engagement you are getting on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more will make a difference. 

Now that you have understood the theory of Hair Salon SEO and also know why some salons are always on the first results of Google while the rest remain hidden on the latter pages. The question now is how you will get your salon on Google ranking. 

A Complete Guide To Hair Salon SEO:

As you have seen above, one of the very important factors that play a role in your SEO ranking is what you are doing to your website. You can do many of these things on your while the rest might need you to ask the web developer. 

1. Have a website:

Having a website goes without saying, and you will have to get ahead with getting it if you don’t already have a website. If you wish to get found on Google, this is the first step you can take. You may even make a free website using Wix or WordPress. 

2. Install Google analytics and Google search console:

Google measures and rewards you for keeping a website that is working well. But how will you tell what people are doing on your website? How long are they staying on your site, and what pages are they visiting, whether on computers or phones? Google Analytics is where you will find all of this information and a lot more.

Google Search Console will take search analytics further and tell you exactly how many people find your website through Google: which search terms they are using, how often they click through, etc. Hair Salon SEO will require you to know all of these details to know how your content online is doing. 

3. Always make sure that your website is mobile optimized:

Is your website displaying well over smartphones? If not, you might already be doing serious damage to your Google search rankings. On one side, more than half of the Google searches are coming to it using a smartphone, and visitors will also leave your site without even doing anything on it if it isn’t showing properly.

And as equally threatening it is, Google considers mobile optimization when ranking the website you have. Mobile optimization for your WordPress website can be done through a complete guide to hair salon SEO if you are keen on it. 

4. Have a super-fast website:

Not only having a website is enough. You need to have a fast website as the facts say that 40% of consumers will immediately leave if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. The site visitors stick around over faster websites, but Google rewards you for being the owner.

 The speed of the website is its ranking factor. Unfortunately, many beauty websites are weighed down using massive images. Hence, it would help if you tried resizing the images to be any larger than they must be. You should then test your website with Google Page Speed Insights and check how to improve it. 

5. Know your keywords:

Your keyword list is one highly important factor in hair salon SEO that you must not ignore. Essentially the keyword list lists words you wish people to find you on Google. For many salons, your keywords will always look something like:

Google keyword planner will always help you understand the best keywords you must be targeting. To improve your search engine ranking, you should know the most important keywords. Those are the ones for the services you are promoting plus the geographic area you are in. if you have many areas that you want to serve and have a lot of services, add them to your list. 

6. Update your website to put the keywords in a strategic place:

To show that your Hair Salon SEO is relevant to the city and the beauty services you are offering, you will have to take the keywords from above and then pepper them on your site. There are huge Hair Salon SEO guides that will tell you about on-page SEO and off-page SEO. You want your titles to look good in front of the searchers but must also be appealing to the Google ranking algorithm.

Put the most important keywords in it to make it very attractive. Next, in your website pages, without being too keyword crazy, you should make sure that the most important keywords appear in your pages’ text on different points. You can use keywords like hair salons near me and get your hair salon written in the text.

7. Keep a blog and also write the regular articles for it:

Your blog is very important for creating useful content that you can share in the newsletter emails and social media to make the website seem fresh to the visitors and show Google that you are creating updated and relevant content.

Google wants to see your website as active, and blogs are ideal for doing so. But what should you be writing on it? You should get creative with your post and try making them very engaging and interactive. 

8. Make your salon name contacts visible on your website pages:

Google wishes to see a lot of signs to suggest that your salon is located where you are saying it is, and an ideal way of doing so is to add your contact info on all pages of your website. This will help you with SEO ranking and let you be on higher search results. 

9. Get links from business directories, mainly the local ones:

The best place to get backlinks and be the best hairstylist in town is to use the local directories. Moz has an ideal list of best citation websites of cities in the USA. Getting your site on directories will let the local customers know about the best hair salon you are working near them.

It is only a matter of claiming the listing for a few of these websites. Others, you will have to create the business profile manually. And finally, you may also have to mail the website owner to understand how to have your business listed. Hair Salon SEO is not complete unless you have your local directories working for you. 

This is most that you need to know to be the best hair salon in your town and get to be known as one. Hair Salon SEO goes well if you regularly update and improve your search engine optimization strategies and make them suit your requirements. You can get the best SEO services from so that you can grow your website to its extremes and make more sales being the best hair stylist in town. Your hair salon SEO is in safe hands when you let the experts deal with it.

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