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In 2020, Ali Gabre founded ClickTyphoon, an SEO Agency based in Toronto. Ali is an SEO Consultant and he recognized that many business owners were frustrated with marketing and SEO agencies who always seemed to “overpromise but underdeliver”. The KPI’s and process was all over the place and frankly, it seemed like a waste of time and money.

Thats why ClickTyphoon was created with the intention of prioritizing Return on Investment (ROI). As business owners we understand the importance of the bottom line. Fortunately, our process is systematically designed to help your business succeed online. All of our decisions are based on data because we believe in measurable results that can be analyzed and improved.

At ClickTyphoon we believe in having strong communication and transparency with our clients. Our core values are integrity and communication. As a result, we believe that this is a critical part of our success with generating results for our clients.

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Why Should You Work With Us?

At Click Typhoon we filter all of our decisions through our core values of transparency, effective communication, and data driven results that facilitate ROI. Our approach to both SEO and Social Media Marketing is based on factual knowledge within the industry as well years of experience working with various businesses across all industries. We know our way around what approaches work and which strategies don’t. Based on our past experience and continuous drive to learn more, we are constantly adapting and pivoting to ensure that we generate the highest ROI possible for all of our clients.

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Founder of ClickTyphoon - Ali Gabre SEO Consultant



Ali is an SEO Consultant and Founder of ClickTyphoon, an SEO and digital marketing agency based in Toronto. He got involved with SEO after developing a passion for marketing during his undergraduate studies at the Schulich School of Business. In fact, Ali has been building websites since he was in middle school. Building his first science blog at 13 where he had over 500 subscribing readers. Ali’s desire to learn about what makes companies successful online fueled his passion for digital marketing and SEO.

The reality is however, that SEO isn’t the same as it was a decade ago. In fact, SEO is forever changing, and its important to always be improving and testing new things. As a result, Ali regularly participates in courses and certifications to stay updated on the latest Google updates and trends.

Besides, being an SEO Consultant and the Founder of ClickTyphoon, Ali is a firm believer of self-improvement. Believing that, its important for businesses and people to strive to be better every day. That’s why when he’s not working on the SEO Agency, you will most likely find him working out at the gym.

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