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The Ultimate SEO Guide for Home Builders in 2022

Let’s face the facts, we live in an age where no matter the size of your company, everyone can benefit from utilizing the internet to help you grow your customer base. As a custom home builder, although your first objective will always be to design quality houses that will make your buyers happy, none of that is possible if you are unable to connect with new clients to keep your home building company growing. Fortunately, in this guide we will be going over some of the best practices regarding SEO for homebuilders.

If you have been looking to obtain new leads and consumers by boosting the exposure of your website, then home builder SEO is the appropriate solution. Not only is SEO more cost-effective than conventional marketing tactics, but it also has a significantly greater ROI.

Having said that, let’s take a deeper look at how SEO for home builders works, how you can utilize SEO, and why home builders should consider hiring an SEO agency to manage their internet presence and reach more prospective clients.

What is SEO for Home Builders?

Building a website’s content, code, and authority with the goal of enhancing its search engine rankings is known as search engine optimization (SEO) for home builders. At its core SEO is all about applying consistent practices to your website both on-page and off-page in order to build a relationship with Google that showcases trust. The higher the value and more trustworthy your site, the more likely Google will reward you with a higher search position on the search engine.

With SEO being an all-encompassing solution, there isn’t just one thing that determines your increase in your site’s search engine rankings. Instead, there are a number of factors to consider when doing SEO. Among the most notable factors associated with SEO include:

  • Conducting an in-depth examination of relevant keywords
  • Redesigning your website to make it mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Increasing the speed at which your website loads
  • Building quality backlinks from other relevant websites
  • Producing informative blog content consistently
  • Adding your home building company to Google+ and Google My Business for more visibility and exposure.

All in all to improve your SEO, a lot of actions are needed in order to ensure that you provide value to your prospective clients as well as satisfy the inquiries of users who are searching for home building services that your company may offer. Additionally, since the algorithms used by Google are always changing, new strategies to improve are continuously being found and having the ability to pivot to changes is critical in order to stay ahead of the SEO game.

Although it may be difficult to adopt search engine optimization for any firm, alone house builders. Due to a lack of internal expertise, most home builders I speak with have either engaged or are actively working with an SEO firm. Even if you don’t know all of the intricacies of SEO, if you can learn just a few best practices, you’ll be ahead of most of your competition in the long run.

It’s what I call the “80/20 rule.” You’ll receive 80% of the performance out of your SEO approach if you learn the key 20%.

Why is SEO For Homebuilders a Good Idea?

Long story short, having a good SEO optimized site for your homebuilding company means you can get more internet traffic and, as a result, more business leads when prospects are searching for companies like yours.

In fact, according to statistics, the average increase in traffic for a Home builder or remodeler amounts to nearly 25-50% in under a year by implementing an SEO strategy, optimizing your primary website once, and posting 1-2 blogs per month that address the most common concerns or queries clients have. In the course of two or three years, the number of visitors to your website and the number of leads it generates will often double or triple.

The quantity of qualified leads you get each month may be increased by two or thrice with a stable lead conversion rate. This begins and ends with optimizing your current content and developing new material that is search engine-friendly and focuses on the keywords your audience is looking for.

The ultimate purpose of SEO for homebuilders is to maximize website exposure so that it appears at the top of search engine results for key terms that prospective customers and leads use to discover you. It would be almost impossible to appear in these searches at all, much alone at the top of the results page, without the help of SEO.

Consider the term “custom home builder in Toronto” as an example of how SEO may be used to improve your website’s ranking for a long-tail keyword. As long as there aren’t many other businesses using this term, you may get the top spot by incorporating it in the headline of your homepage and other relevant pages.

The second option is to utilize sophisticated methods like link building and content marketing to get to the top of the search results if this is a highly competitive term—that is, if ten to twenty other organizations are also optimizing their websites for this phrase.

In this case, it illustrates that SEO for house builders may be both easy and hard, depending on the competition and location.

What types of Keywords should Home Builders Target for SEO?

Your custom home building company’s SEO effort, no matter how well-executed, will either succeed or fail dependent on your target keywords. Google’s organic website traffic will increase over time if your organization has chosen the proper keywords. 

You’ll get overtaken by your competitors if you choose the incorrect keywords. We have a lot of good news, however, so don’t worry. Every year nearly 286,000 new homes are built in Canada, showcasing the potential of new customers seeking custom home builders online.

You can supplement the leads you get from referrals and conventional advertising tactics by optimizing your website with the Top SEO keywords for custom house builders. The Google Keyword Planner has provided us with a list of the most popular search terms for custom house builders in Canada.

Some of the Keywords Home builders should use are;

custom homes                                  8,100              Medium

custom built homes                         4,400              High

custom home builders near me     8,100              Medium

home builders near me                   3,600              Medium

luxury home builders                      1,900              Medium

custom builders                               2,900              Medium

build on your lot                               1,300              High

custom builders near me                1,300              Medium

building a custom home                 1,300              Medium

custom built homes under 100k    480                 High

custom home builders dfw             1,000              Medium

custom homes near me                   880                 Medium

build on your land                           720                 High

custom built homes near me          590                 Medium

build on your own lot                      480                 High

custom build homes                         210                  Medium

custom house builder                      320                 Medium

build on your lot homes                  720                 High

best custom home builders near me         320     Medium

build on your lot builders               480                 High

custom home construction             170                  Low

luxury house builders                     90                   Low

custom homes for sale near me     170                  Medium

luxury custom homes                      390                 Medium

luxury custom home builders        390                 Low

top luxury home builders               170                  Low

custom house builders                    110                  Medium

best project home builder               10                    Low

In order to rank effectively for the most popular SEO keywords for custom house builders, there are seven crucial factors.

  1. Make sure your website is quick, secure, and mobile-friendly.
  2. Including your SEO term on the first page of search results for custom house builders.
  3. Your website’s content, including title tags, headers and meta descriptions, should be optimized to include your keyword.
  4. Creating a Google My Business profile and optimizing it to the fullest extent possible.
  5. Incorporating the same NAP throughout all of your local listings (Name, Address Phone Number).
  6. It’s important to have a blog that is optimized for keywords and consistently updated with high-quality, relevant material.
  7. Custom house builders might benefit from include SEO-optimized images and videos in their content.

Take These Three Steps to Ensure Your Place in the Rankings

There are many factors that go into getting your website to the top of local search results, and executing those methods right every time is critical. Our websites need to be optimized and properly searched, and as small company owners, we know this to be true. However, there are three key aspects to keep in mind.

Local SEO

Your website has to be optimized for search engine purposes. You may use local SEO to target clients who are looking for your product or service in a certain area. This is critical since the top three results on the first page of Google account for 33% of all clicks. This means that 33% of all internet searches for terms related to your company are guaranteed if your website has been optimized for local SEO.

(We) begin by determining which keywords are most relevant to your business. Once we have a list of keywords, (we) use them to write content that will draw in customers. You must now optimize your Google Business Profile to appear in both local and general search results. This is all tied together with Google Analytics to guarantee that your Local SEO campaign’s performance can be tracked and monitored.

Search Engine Optimization for Individual Web Pages (On-Page SEO)

On-page optimization is a major focus of our SEO services for custom house builders. In order to improve your website’s search engine rankings and traffic, on-page SEO is the process of optimizing each individual page of your website. Essentially, this implies that you must optimize each of your services so that you may rank well for not just the names of your businesses, but also significant searches relevant to the services you provide. We will also optimize your meta tag titles and meta tag descriptions so that they effectively convey what your company is all about.

Using Off-Page SEO –

Have you ever observed that your firm can rank differently depending on where you search for it? That has a direct impact on what is known as your Domain Rating. That’s a measure of how well-established your website is naturally. Quality websites that link to your website are the focus of our off-page SEO services for custom house builders. This link-building approach helps to guarantee that your website may be discovered in the top spots regardless of where you are looking from geographically.

Three ways for optimizing the search engine results for home builders

If you’re working on the search engine optimization of your company website, consider combining some of the following tactics.

What are your competitors up to?

Check out your competition if you haven’t tried SEO on your website previously. See what other house builders’ websites look like in your district and nearby cities. However, you can obtain a general understanding of the themes and terms they utilize to improve their search engine ranking.

You might begin by searching Google for different house builders and seeing whose websites show up first. Results marked as Ad should be ignored since such businesses have paid to have their pages appear high in search results. Take a look at the top-ranking web pages and websites.

Inquire as to whether or if they refer to themselves as a local house builder, for example. What others are doing may not work for you, but you may at least get an idea of what could work.

Investigate the Market

Next, you’ll want to find out what individuals are searching for while looking for a house builder. There are a number of ways to do this, like searching Google and looking through the “People Also Ask” area. That will give you an idea of what people are searching for and what you may cover on your website.

To do market research, you may also utilize social media platforms. Request feedback from recent house purchasers if your company has an established following. Posting to Facebook and Instagram allows your followers to remark. You may utilize polls and question stickers in your Instagram stories if you have a large following on the social media network.

To come up with ideas for new content, you might leverage queries posed by prospective clients. Then, you can guarantee that others will look for it and find value in it.

Keywords are an important part of SEO.

If you know what people are looking for in a house builder, you can focus on the correct keywords to attract them to your website. By Googling relevant subjects on Google, you may come up with a few useful keywords.

However, keyword research is made easier with the help of programs like Google’s Keyword Planner. If you’d like to utilize a term or phrase, you may enter it here. Search volume data and related phrases are provided to help you refine your search.

Then you may produce blog articles or build web pages around keywords that aren’t too popular, but do receive a reasonable amount of traffic. To draw in more visitors and enhance your search engine optimization, consider changing up your keyword phrases.

Create a Website

Creating a blog is a great way to boost your home builder’s SEO. A blog increases the number of pages on your website, increasing the likelihood that Google and other search engines will discover your website. It’s possible to improve your search engine rankings if that occurs.

After a year, you’ll have more than 50 new pages on your website if you produce a blog post every week. All of those sites may aid in Google and Bing search results. Without a blog, you’ll only have around three to five pages to work with when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines.

You may also use a blog to highlight your clients’ work and demonstrate your abilities. With your blog, you may show potential customers what you’re capable of doing for them, as well as use it as part of your marketing plan.

Finally, create a content calendar for your site

Create a content calendar to plan out your blog entries if you’re thinking about starting one. A content marketing firm may assist you in developing your approach. Perhaps you’d want to use an event or holiday as a basis for some web promotion.

You may promote the promotion by writing a blog post and putting it online right before the campaign begins. To attract new visitors, you may utilize keywords like “house building sale” or anything of the such.

In addition to keeping you on track with your website and SEO activities, a content schedule may aid. The sooner you know what you’re going to publish, the sooner you’ll realize the SEO advantages.

Image Optimization

Adding photographs to your website is possible regardless of whether you run a blog or not. You may use the photos to show off your previous house building work and to introduce yourself to potential customers.

If you upload a picture to your website, however, SEO may be used. Alternate (alt) text may be edited while a picture is being edited on your site. Including the keyword or the page title in the URL will help visitors locate your site while searching for images on the internet.

If your photographs are of a high enough quality, potential homebuyers may stumble onto your website through images. Total, photos may aid in your on-page SEO, which in turn aids in your overall SEO.

Make Use of Local SEO

Local search results are an important part of home builder SEO. There’s no need to advertise to people in other states or countries if the majority of your clientele are local.

Google My Business allows you to enhance your online presence and increase the number of people who find your business while they are searching. There’s a good chance that your site may appear in a search for local house builders. Your location, company hours, and even customer testimonials may all be included in your business profile.

Other local business directories, such as Yelp or LinkedIn, allow you to list your company for free. Then you’ll come up in searches for those directories. Additionally, having a greater number of listings might serve as proof to Google that you run a legitimate company, increasing your visibility in search results.

Google Analytics can be added to your website

To know how successful your SEO campaign is, you’ll need to keep tabs on your results. You may use Google Analytics to monitor visits to your website. You may check how many people come to your site on a daily or monthly basis, as well as what is the most popular source of traffic to your site.

You should see an increase in Google and other search engine traffic if your SEO approach is successful.

Google Analytics is the most widely used tracking tool, however most website providers include a means for you to monitor traffic. With so many options available, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you and your site.

Analyze and Trend Data

The installation of Google Analytics is just the beginning of your relationship with Google Analytics. Analyze your data at least once every month. Make a list of the overall number of views you’ve received, as well as the source of each one.

It’s important to know how many visitors originated from search engines. Some of these programs will even tell you the keywords users used to locate your website. This might be really beneficial, since you’ll be able to target your next SEO campaign more precisely.

Observing your statistics on a regular basis might help you spot patterns. Whether you have a little more time, you might check to see if the same thing occurs every month at the same time.

Make Your Website Load Faster

Having a quick website may improve your SEO, but it is a more technical aspect. Visitors may quit your site if it takes a long time for it to load. However, if you can speed up page loading, you can enhance the amount of time visitors spend on a page.

The number of visitors that come and go from your website has little impact on your SEO. Google’s algorithm penalizes you if this occurs often. The speed at which your pages load has an impact on how high they are ranked by the search engine.

Consider moving to a more powerful hosting package. Compressing files to reduce their size may help speed up your site if that fails. Unused files and plugins may be removed to enhance site performance and the overall user experience.

Obtain a Certificate of Authenticity

An SSL certificate is another technological adjustment that might help your search engine optimization (SEO). Using the encryption tool has been rewarded by Google. While you won’t be penalized for not having an SSL, it is critical.

Free certificates are available, or you may purchase for a certificate with more extensive security features. Everything, including eCommerce sales, can be more safe thanks to SSL encryption.

In the URL bar, you can see whether your site has a certificate for SSL encryption. A padlock will appear in the address bar of a browser for a website that has an SSL certificate.

For the 12th time, we are going to provide a link to other pages

Linking to other parts of your site will also help your house builder SEO. In order to show Google that you have additional pages on your site, you must link to them. You may link to your main page from any new services your home construction company offers.

That will alert search engines to the new page, allowing them to begin displaying it in search results for the search term.

It is possible to link to your blog or other new pages on the homepage or about page of your website as well. You can retain visitors on your site by directing them to different pages on your site, which may lead to bookings.

Obtaining backlinks is an important part of SEO.

Backlinks are another kind of link that might improve your SEO. You can get Google to examine your site if you can obtain a link to it on a blog that performs well in search results. It’s possible that a local newspaper may include a link to your website.

Google is likely to trust that newspaper, therefore the newspaper’s website will appear in search results. You may benefit from the success of that newspaper’s website in Google when the story linked to yours becomes online.

Development authority over the course of many years isn’t an issue with our link building strategy. The more connections you can collect from other websites, the better your SEO will be.

Tips for Home Builders on Search Engine Optimization

Like other small companies in your area, home builders have to deal with SEO. You may prove to Google that your firm is genuine by listing it in business directories. Market research and analytics tools, on the other hand, might be beneficial to your SEO efforts.

You can boost your Google search results by following these guidelines. You may rank at the top of a search engine’s results for a specific phrase soon. Of course, enlisting the services of a professional is also a good idea.

What are the common SEO Mistakes for Home Builders to Avoid?

With SEO as your main method of driving traffic for Home building, you make the decision to focus on getting as many free visitors as possible from search engines.

Even if you’ve worked on it for weeks or even months, it’s still on page two or three. Even though you’ve tried everything, you can’t seem to get beyond the first page of results. Correcting a few minor errors is sometimes all that’s required to see any progress. The following are the ten most frequent SEO blunders I’ve encountered, along with suggestions on how to avoid them:

  • Failure to Monitor Conversions Using Analytics
  • Local Search Isn’t Being Optimized
  • Choosing the Wrong Keywords to Target
  • The absence of distinctive meta tags and titles
  • Internal Links Shouldn’t Have Anchor Text
  • For every link, use the same anchor text
  • Relying on the quantity of links instead of the quality
  • Using Low-Quality Material
  • Not Producing Content That Is Worth Linking To
  • Inadequate Use of Links with Great Design

Has your SEO effort been damaged by any of the above mistakes? Another typical problem you may have noticed is the failure to properly cite the source of the information.

Why Should Home Builder Hire an Agency to do SEO?

In the midst of your day-to-day duties, you may not have time to think about how your website, online marketing, or search engine rankings are doing.

This raises the question of whether or not hiring an SEO service is a wise move and whether or not such a firm can really help you improve your rankings and bring in more business.

It’s important to choose a partner who understands your goals and can help you achieve them. Instead of seeking for a generic SEO strategy, your custom home construction business should have a strategy tailored to its specific needs. Read more about “Top 5 Ways to Come Up With Blog Ideas for Your Niche’s SEO Strategy” on our blog page today!

Having said that, at Click Typhoon we can construct an SEO for homebuilders strategy that is tailored to your specific requirements, and is upfront and honest about the tactics they use to enhance your rankings as well as the number of prospects you are able to bring in. Contact us today for more information!

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