ClickTyphoon Toronto SEO Agency

Technical SEO

To begin, our technical SEO service looks at every aspect of your website. Among the subservices we provide include:

  • XML Sitemap Generation and Page Indexing. This focuses on getting all of your pages to be indexed in Googles database. In other words, it is the process of adding your webpages to the Google search engine.
  • JSON Schema Markup. Including a markup is done to give Google a more semantic understanding of what your page is about. In addition, Schema markups can also help enhance meta descriptions and improve search visibility.
  • Technical Fixes such as, 301 redirects, 404-pages & broken links. 
  • Google My Business (GMB) Setup. If you are a local business having a GMB listing is essential. This is because, it allows for your physical location to be shown on Google. Additionally, other information such as Google reviews, your website, phone number, and business address can also show up in the GMB listing.
  • GMB Optimization. Optimization is about managing your Google reviews and ensuring that your business information is correct. We also optimize your local businesses search result images and information to make sure people can easily find and contact you.
  • Google Analytics Setup. Setting up your analytics is extremely important for tracking and reporting. With Google Analytics setup, we can track KPI’s including, website traffic, click-through rates, and so much more.
  • Search Console Setup and Management. Similarly to Google Analytics, Search Console is also very useful for tracking and reporting. With Search Console setup we can monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your sites presence on Google. This allows for complete transparency and reliable reporting regarding the status of your websites visibility online.

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