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Click Typhoon SEO Agency - Our Process

At Click Typhoon we are a dedicated SEO and Marketing Agency that is focused on helping businesses generate a positive ROI. When working with us, our agency will conduct an SEO audit to determine the best keywords for your industry. With our research we will help you refine a winning list of terms designed to improve your search ranking.

After refining your keywords, our agency will help you optimize your websites on-page SEO. We optimize your page speed, header tags, meta descriptions and technical SEO so that your page is favored by Google. This ensures that your website has a solid foundation for off-page SEO and link-building activities.

After optimizing your websites on-page experience, we focus on building your domain authority through a variety of off-page SEO activities. Among the bread and butter of our agency is prioritizing white-hat SEO strategies and link-building. Through our link building activities we will help increase your page ranking in an organic and safe way.

Following optimization, our agency will continuously track the status of your SEO campaign. We analyze your analytics and generate insights presented to you through monthly reports. As a leading SEO and Marketing Agency we know the importance of making data-based decisions that allows for impactful results. That’s why we will be with you every step of the way making changes to ensure your continuous success online. For more details on our SEO Services click here.

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Our Comprehensive SEO Approach Is Your Road to Success 

Bring more traffic to your website with our techniques

  • SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Analytics & Reporting

SEO Audit

When you first choose to work with ClickTyphoon we dedicate our initial efforts to understand your business and your competition. In order to do this we perform an extensive and tailored SEO audit.

The SEO Audit focuses on several factors within the following categories:

  • Conversion
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Website standards and tools
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Competition and Keyword Analysis

Essentially, we focus on the critical issues on your website including slow page speed, 404-errors, broken links and duplicate content that may be hindering your conversion rates. Additionally, our audit acts as a key component of our process as this allows the SEO experts at ClickTyphoon to look at the level of difficulty and the investment that will be necessary to achieve your business’s goals. Once we determine this we work alongside our clients to generate a winning-list of keywords to focus on ranking your website for in our SEO campaign. These keywords are generated through an extensive process that takes into account your companies competitors, your current page and domain authority, and anticipated search volume and ROI for your business. Once this is done we finalize your audit in a report that you can reference back too while our experts get started on executing your SEO campaign.

Toronto SEO Agency - Click Typhoon

On-Page SEO

After fixing the critical issues on your website, our team at ClickTyphoon will optimize your on-page SEO by fixing your alt tags, URLs, meta descriptions, and page titles to ensure that both your page readability and page SEO is favored by Google. We will also optimize your JSON Schema to help Google better understand the content of your pages.

Once we have solidified your businesses website foundation, our team at ClickTyphoon will begin researching and creating valuable blogs and page content that your business can use for your website to build credibility and generate additional leads. Not only will the web content be 100% compliant with Google, but it will also help your business better engage with your desired target audience.

Lastly, we will work with established blogs and websites within our network to cross-promote blogs and posts to facilitate the process of building your ranking both on-site and off-site.

Toronto SEO Agency - Click Typhoon

Off-Page SEO

After optimizing your businesses on-page SEO, our team at ClickTyphoon will help your business website build domain authority through credible white-hat SEO strategies.

Our primary off-page SEO success will be generated through building secure and credible backlinks that will build the authority of your website while simultaneously helping you generate more traffic to your desired pages.

Additionally, using our resources and expertise we will help your business get listed on relevant directories relative to your industry to solidify and strengthen your domains authority.

Toronto SEO Agency - Click Typhoon

Analytics & Reporting

Lastly, at the end of each month the team at ClickTyphoon will compile and generate a comprehensive analytic report for your business outlining the status of your SEO campaign. 

Based on the results of our on-page and off-page efforts we will make proactive decisions to ensure that your business’s goals are being achieved in a timely manner. 

In the circumstance of a “black-swan event” our team will be with your business every step of the way to help ensure that your business makes it out on top. We know the importance of excellent customer service and we care about our clients as we take your satisfaction very seriously.

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Toronto SEO Agency - Click Typhoon

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